Monday, February 23, 2009

View My Hall Apartment

My neighbor is really lazy person both of them are to dirty.. I didn’t know how I named for them. Not only that, they're thief and the their son also thief. This all make me more sure, Belgium people are very lazy and dirty... !!!! WTF is this...!!! I just back from visit my family and saw view from hall apartment where I’m living is very messy, dirty and very smell.

Sunday morning around 11:00 AM my husband and me went to upstairs for complain about all the problem, maybe we could talking as family. But very shocking, my husband and me found our toys from our kids (like police motorcycle, small bike and other little toys) already inside their apartment. They took while us in holiday.

Godverdome...!! Just want warning about cleaning the hall, they already success make us angry for other thing. They stolen our things. Including 1 set plates they also took and I didn't know where all the plate. But I known they stolen all. I made the picture from their things and I saw all the plate closing with newspaper.

My husband went to the owner from this building. But he didn't came. I didn't care about this apartment. If broken, dirty or anything else I really no care, cause I will moving from here on April 2009. Already 3 years we keep patient, with this situation. If you the owner or no, and you see like in this pictures in your own apartment, and you have small kids around. What will you do? Do you happy and just keep calm? Keep waiting the crazy neighbour clean up all??? (click picture for enlarge)

they also stolen our 2 toy bike, my husband took and put downstairs

Dirty Marble Stairs

This is marble floor, never seen dirty like this before

they stolen all the plate. At here before so much box and some I moved to other place

All the shit trash

All the shit trash