Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tips Gardening

Here my secret for planting pakshoi, cai shim, waterkers, water-spinach, spinach and other vegetables which drink much water.
First day, seedling
two day later

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time for Planting

After received seeds from my friend, I start make mini garden for my bio spinach. This photo taken after 3 day I spread the seeds. Funny, they're very tinny. I am happy for that. This mean I will get luck for spinach : D
Spinach in 3rd day
Anyway, my water spinach little bit late growing, not like last year very fast. You can see at here Mini Garden Kangkung. Normally in one week, they're already bigger, but this year already ten day still slowly. Hopely with the sunny day like this week, they will quick growing too
Kangkung in 10th day

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mucuna Pruriens and Chickpea

Here other bean, this plant the same like soy plant. I just know this from my friend in Solo if this bean, the same like soy bean for make tempe. I am curious to planting this. But I find the price expensive just only for 25 seeds.
The name is Mucuna Pruriens or in Indonesia populer with name Kacang Benguk. The plant also the same with Chickpea. Also one family with soybeans, as you know the taste and texture beans from Mucuna Pruriens (Kacang Benguk) and Chickpea, all both are the same like soy beans. You can substitutie soy bean for make tempe (fermentasi soy bean)
Photo take from : http://www.pctgardens.com

Photo taken from : Chickpea - Wikipedia 

Photo taken by me

Received Seed From Turbize

Can you imagine that, I already dreaming to have bio mini garden from spinach. I asked many time to my sister in Bandung to buy me that seeds and so much reason for said not. And the reason is money. However, yesterday after back from hospital, I saw in my mailbox has packet from Rahmad at Turbize - Belgium. Really surprise between the seeds have seeds from spinach... really happy... and today I start seedling spinach. Wish me luck and succes for spinach ;)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Other Collection

This are other collection from me. All standing at the left corner from my home. Little bit change because the cabinet from my father in law moved to the back room, near from Abram Room.

Here the detail every single rack :

Sea Theme

Angklung and my chilli plant

My mini terrarium and cactus

Orchid Corner and some frame photos

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Harvest of Chilli Pepper

Now my chilli peppers almost harvest. However, I only have three pots, because many another pots dead from the wheatear. Can you imagine, one pot have 10-12 chilli. This is very amazing!