Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feeding Butterfly

Do you know if butterfly also eating fruit? And yes it does. Two day ago my son found butterfly in his bad room and keep asking me to gave him any fruit to him. I didnt know he will give the fruit for butterfly. I got the picture from butterfly when my son gave banana for feed it.

Amazing, my son still remember about that. He know about feeding butterfly when we went to Vlinder Park the end of June 2010. I could capture while some butterfly eat fruits. I really got great moment.

Photo taken at Vlinder Park Knokke Heist, 27 June 2010

Mini Bell pepper

Since long time ago I really want planting mini bell pepper. Last May, I bought mini bell pepper at EMTE Supermarkten while I went to Sluis City NL with family. And the next day I start to seedling. All the seeds I put into the seedling box, until the first leaf coming out and then I moved to the pot then ready for to grow.
Because weather at here drop very quick, sometimes very damn hot, sometimes down very cold and windy. Because of that my mini bell pepper growning slowly. After 1.5 month, my mini bell pepper growing better and now they're flowering. That because I put them inside my home, stay away from the bad weather.