Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bio Basilium

One day my friend told me, if the seedling basilium she did unsucces. After she sent to me all the seed, for I try. And so did I, also unsucces. I remember, the seeds from her is for make fresh drink or make dessert (sirop selasih).
Foto from : Wikipedia

Honestly I really miss basilium from Indonesia, as you know name Kemangi or Sunda people called Serawung. I tried to plant it and not working. Then I go to the shop buy basilium seeds. And try to plant and looking succes. I did the same like I did seedling spinach or cai sim. Just give water and keep the ground wet. But I still didnt understand why seed from my friends unsucces.
Here is the seedling basilium 5th day.

Because now winter, they're growing bit slowly. After the week, the plant just higher like this :